Board Of Elders

Each of our congregation's households have been assigned an Elder, who has not only a spiritual support role, but an informational one, as well. The welfare of specific families, and the management of the congregation on whole, is an Elder's primary function; however, any Elder can respond to a member's request for assistance.
Mick Bourassa
What are Elders?
The Apostle Peter, in a message to Christians scattered throughout the Roman world, referred to elders as "overseers" (1 Peter 5:2), a term that very accurately describes our 16 Elders today -- they are the "overseers" of our congregation.
In the Lutheran Church, the terms "elders" and "deacons" are often used synonymously with reference to laymen chosen by a congregation for a specific term to assist the pastor in his official duties. They and the pastor form the Boards of Elders; with reference to the congregation they have only advisory or executive, not legislative power.

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